The Problem

In the wake of COVID 19 as the world struggles with finding vaccines and new norms of social distancing, the need of the hour is preventive healthcare and non-contact care and services. The most vulnerable are elderly, people with low immunity as well as those living alone.

With very few solutions today, the few that are available work in silos and cater to only specific needs leading to complex solutions and high costs of delivery!


UCare Health brings a holistic health + care eco-system, that addresses all your concerns by not only helping the user to create lifestyle changes and build immunity, but also catering to a gamut of health needs, like doctors, diagnostics, medicines etc.

We are not just a health-tracking platform, UCare is an ecosystem that delivers remote care and monitoring, telemedicine, on-line pharmacy and emergency response services to create an integrated solution.


24 x 7 Doctor Consultation


10% Cashback

Instant Loan Facility

Accidental Insurance Cover

Lab Test

Order Medicines

Track Exercise

Why UCare Health?

UCare is India's first Digital Health + Financial Wellness platform!

True to our motto ‘LivSmart LivStrong’ we bring you seamless platform of carefully curated services to keep you & your family healthy.

Using the platform, you can avail instant access to medical as well as financial support, all at the click of a button!

“....a life less stressed is our ultimate goal at UCare!”

- Vikrant Gugnani (Founder/CEO)


Senior Care

Empowering elders to live comfortably at Home

24 x 7 Emergency Support

24 x 7 Emergency Doctor on call

Medicine & Lab Tests at home

Remote monitoring of health parameters


Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness solutions that extend beyond traditional wellness programs.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Improve Business Performance

Build a Healthy Company Culture

Integrate and Optimize Benefits



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